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The Shack
By William P. Young

This enlightening book will take you through a spiritual experience that fills you with hope for humanity and our ability to bring this world back to a more peaceful, kinder place.

The Shack is about a man, a husband, a father -- a father who loses his youngest daughter.  We open on a cold winter’s day, with a cold shell of a man desperately trying to regain some bit of the life he had before tragedy struck. He receives an anonymous letter directing him to return to “the shack,” the wretched place where his life changed forever.   

The journey is moving, powerful, and sometimes difficult as you relive the experience and suffering of the main character.  However, once you get through the storm, the darkness -- just like in real life -- disappears and you are transported into a beautiful, hopeful place.

This book spoke to me and I just loved it. I felt inspired and enlightened. I have experienced child loss, and this book helped me view things from a different angle.  I highly recommend it.